Weight Loss


WeightLossNow available in our community, Modern Medicine offers a new medical weight loss program that's prescription-based, doctor-guided and affordable. With multiple treatments available, you can start losing weight safely and efficiently. The best part about this program is the ongoing support you receive from our professional medical staff.

Our weight loss programs are affordable, simple and based on individual nutrition, exercise and medicinal treatment solutions – all designed just for you, to help you reach your goals.

Programs Supported:

Appetite Suppressants  Multiple Weight Loss Treatments 
B12 Injections Obesity Solutions
Lipotropics Phentermine
Wellness Lab Testing Prescription Weight Loss
Myoden Injections



Before starting any of our weight loss programs, clients must complete an initial exam ($69) which includes measurements for height, weight, blood pressure, pulse, BMI & fat %, lab work and resting EKG.

Once the initial exam is complete, you will have an appointment with Dr. Michael Luft. He will go over the health history you provide and the results of the tests performed during the initial exam. At that point, if you are approved for one of our weight loss programs, we will go ahead and get started!

Phentermine Program

Our Phentermine Program is weight loss regimen based on the use of Phentermine diet pills. Phentermine has become increasingly popular to individuals who are desperately trying to lose weight, especially when other products on the market have proven unsuccessful. Phentermine diet pills suppress the appetite, which is why it's such an effective weight loss aid. Once the appetite is controlled, daily intake of calories will decrease and the body will make use of stored fats as a source of energy. With a proper diet, exercise routine, and Phentermine, you will see positive changes in your physical appearance. We offer several different Phentermine Packages. See below for more details!

At Modern Medicine, we start your Phentermine Program with an initial exam, which is a requirement before starting any of our weight loss programs. The cost of the initial exam is $69 and it includes measurements for height, weight, blood pressure, pulse, BMI, body fat percentage, lab work (CMP, TSH, T4, CBC w/diff, and Lipid Panel) and resting EKG. Once the exam is complete, you will come back for a visit with Dr. Luft. He will go over the health history you have provided along with the results of the initial exam. If you are approved to for a weight loss program, we will go ahead and get started! There are many FDA Approved Appetite Suppressants on the market. We will work with you to find the one that is most effective - it could be Phentermine, Topamax, or Qsymia.

Program Details

  • Phetermine Program Cost:  $169/month, which includes:
    • Program Guide
    • Prescription for Appetite Suppressant, 30 Day Supply (Additional fee required at Pharmacy, Approx. $25.00)
    • 4 Weight-ins/Consulations
    • 4 B12/Lipotropic Injections

Benefits of B12 Injection

B12 increases metabolism, the side effect of which can be weight loss. With regular B12 shots and a combination of other weight loss regimens, people have reported to lose weight much faster and they attribute it to the shot.

B12, as we said earlier is a great energy booster. What better way to deliver an energy booster than directly into the bloodstream? The other option would be to take a supplement, which would take many hours in the digestive process and would lose much value along the way.

Speaking of value, with a B12 shot, you retain almost all the B12 – none of it gets lost in the digestive process. For comparisons sake, a B12 tablet leaves you with only 1.2% of B12 in the tablet. A shot will lose very little, if any.

B12 Shots are highly recommended mood boosters as well. B12 is essential for a properly functioning central nervous system – we know that dysfunction can lead to depression. If you suffer from mild depression once in a while, you can try a B12 shot as a mood booster – some people have reported feeling happily giddy afterwards, but not for long. In a few hours, it settles and you are just happy!

B12 is essential for a properly functioning cardiovascular system. It thins the blood and prevents blood stickiness. Blood cells sticking together is what leads to a blood clot which can cause a stroke.

B12 injections can be administered at Modern Medicine for $20 per injection!

Benefits of Lipotropics Injections

  • Weight Loss
  • Enhances liver function which helps detoxify the body, increase metabolism, and store glycogen. A healthy liver also secretes bile more effectively, which in turn aids in the digestion and breakdown of fats.
  • Many weight loss experts believe Lipotropic injections boost the immune system by stimulating the growth of antibodies, which detect and destroy foreign and abnormal tissue.
  • Lipotropic injections can also suppress appetite and lower cholesterol. Lastly, Lipotropics are known to increase energy levels, which may enhance mood, vitality and overall health.
  • It removes specific deposits of fat from specific areas of the body. So far only operations can deliver these kind of results with a non-surgical non-invasive manner. 

Benefits of the Myoden Injection

The Myoden Injection is comprised of Andenosine which is a naturally occurring substance in the body. It increases energy and has a positive effect on weight loss, stamina, and overall mood.

  • Myoden is used for treating chronic fatigue, WEIGHT LOSS PLATEAU, thyroid disorders, and very slow metabolisms.
  • Myoden is a naturally occurring cellular metabolite that aids in protein synthesis.
  • Andenosine binds with pathogenic acid to form coenzyme A, which is used in the breakdown of lipids and stored fat.
  • Myoden in combination with B12 gives you more energy and helps your metabolism for weight loss.
  • Myoden has been FDA approved in the treatment of fibromyalgia.


Payment Types Accepted

  • Cash
  • Visa, Discover, Master Card
  • CareCredit
  • HSA (Health Spending Account)
  • FSA (Flexible Spending Account)
  • Payflex


After years of struggling to lose weight, I had resigned myself to the fact that I was always going to be "big". In November 2010, I went for an annual thyroid test and the doctor told me I had borderline high blood pressure, borderline diabetes and borderline high cholesterol. The only recommendation was bariatric surgery or a lap band. I couldn't believe those were my only options! I had joined a gym, worked out 6 days a week and ate 1,200 calories/day. In 6 months time, I had only lost 8 pounds.  I even worked out with the gym's personal trainers. Nothing made a difference. I found Modern Medicine Weight Loss after searching online for anything that could change the path I was on. I started my journey in December of 2010. As of Ocotober 2011, I had lost 100 pounds and I went from a size 22 to a 10! I am thankful for Dr. Luft, Jolene, Angela and all the staff. My whole existence has changed. I have more confidence, a positive attitude, and I feel anything is possible! Thank you, thank you, thank you Modern Medicine Weight Loss!!